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A healthy diet has to be supported by an active lifestyle to remain fit inside and outside. Your body is like a machine - It needs oil for lubrication and energy, but it also needs to be put to use to prevent breakdowns. Physical fitness will not only help you look good but also keep several diseases at bay.

At we aim to provide information to beginners, intermediates and professionals about how to plan their workout regimes and get educated by the experts. We have a team of bodybuilders, fitness trainers and nutritionists who are always on hand to take your queries and help you plan your fitness goals.

We are also proud to announce the first Met-rx Athlete in India: professional bodybuilder Pushpinder Bharti, who represented India at International Body Building Championship (Mr Asia 2014) held at Srilanka and has several accolades to his credit. Keep visiting us to know more about his fitness plan, diet, and workouts as he prepares for the coming competitions.

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Fat Blasting Cardio

Bic exercise is highly superior for fat burning. The good news is that these workouts are typically shorter since you are pumping out those reps.You don’t have to be on a treadmill for an hour to achieve amazing results. Some of the exercises which you will be familiar with include power cleans, burpees, kettlebell swings, pullups, front squats, etc.


10 fat melting cardio strategies

Cardio is an essential part of staying healthy and having an impressive physique. If done correctly, a good cardio program can increase your energy, improve recovery, spike your metabolism for up to 72 hours and help you lose body fat.


10 Min Fat blasting workout

Technique plays a big role in gaining speed, power, tone and preventing injury. Whether you’re punching or kicking, always keep your knees bent, which gives you balance and strengthens the lower body. Always put your hips into the punch or kick, which gives you more power.


The bench Press

The gold standard for developing upper-body strength is the bench press. The bench press is one of the most well known lifts, and probably the most used exercise for development of the upper body. This article will take the reader through the muscles and technique of the bench press.


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