Let Food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food

For healthy living one should eat a wholesome, complete diet - rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fiber; packed with vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet may enable you to meet your dietary requirements without supplementation. Your daily needs might vary depending on your age, weight, lifestyle, health-condition and fitness goals. By monitoring your calories, and nutritional profile of food consumed you can come up with the ideal diet to limit the need of dietary supplements. We highly recommend and encourage people shopping from us to learn more about food types along with their nutritional content.

Food supplements might be highly recommended for you if you are weak and unhealthy, lack a nutritious & balanced diet, have some special health indications or have targeted fitness needs like if you are an athlete. Supplements are recommended to compliment your food but not as a substitute of healthy food.

At the same time it is important to contact a doctor or nutritionist, who can help you identify what nutritional deficiencies you might be suffering from or what added support you might need to reach your ambition.

Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy

At MyNutrition.in we try our best to provide with you a wide choice of dietary supplements but at the same time maintaining the high standards required to be listed on our website. Having the wrong supplements can cause permanent damage to the body. Hence we only stock supplement brands that are result oriented and make sure that the product you get is safe and authentic. At the same time we aim to provide you as much knowledge about the supplements we stock, so you can take an informed decision about the brand and product to buy. Here we will try and provide you as much knowledge about healthy food, nutritional profile of food items, healthy recipes, when to supplement your diet and how can supplementation be useful.

We also provide you with a team of experts for free consultation regarding diet or supplementation, and encourage you to contact us in case of any queries or concerns!

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